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Sorry about the tag, i don’t want people stealing it, because i took it on my polaroid.I wish they would come back so so bad. Sitting here listening to the CD doesn’t even compare to the show anymore.

Panic! At The Disco | The Tabernacle| Atlanta, GA | May 26, 2011
I’ve got Panic! pictures finally all done and posted. So you guys can go enjoy those. 
My icon :-D
sandaraprak: hi! can you please post your icon?! thanks a bunch! love looovvee your blog btw! :D

Hey thanks! No problem, wait a sec ;-)

Andrew Oliver (I See Stars) (by Marcel Canfield)

She’s Killing Me - A Rocket to the Moon

According to a blogger on the absolutepunk forums, it looks like  You Me At Six has dropped off their American co-headliner this summer with Anarbor. Possible replacement is Valencia. You can read the news, stemming from a conversation with Anarbor’s merch guy, below.

“Hey, was talking to the merch guy for Anarbor today at the Zumiez Tour. He said that You Me At Six decided to drop out a couple days ago leaving this tour up in the air again. He also mentioned something about trying to get Valencia on as the Co-Headliner.”

Please take this news with a grain of salt, since there isn’t any legitimate confirmation of this news.
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